We are looking for 12 participants to participate in our new pilot study. Recruitment has started. Please sign up now via the link below, if you are interested. The study runs from the 12. April to 11. May 2024. For more information, please read the text below and our flyer: GoGarmin Recruitment Flyer.

The biological clock plays a crucial role in regulating rhythms in our sleep-wake pattern, metabolism, and for overall health. The biological clock is synchronized with the natural light-dark cycle. However, in our modern indoor-centric lifestyle many people lack exposure to natural light. Insufficient exposure to natural light can disrupt the biological clock. Manipulating light exposure at specific times can either advance or delay the biological clock, presenting the opportunity for intentional adjustment of the biological clock. 

This study was designed to investigate whether consumer-available blue-light-emitting glasses are capable of producing a shift in the biological clock and whether this shift can be detected with a Garmin wearable. 

Light therapy is a highly successful method used for shifting the biological clock and addressing sleep and mood problems. In contrast to common light therapy, which usually requires remaining seated, blue-light-emitting glasses could make light therapy more practical as they allow users to move around and continue with their daily tasks. However, before these glasses can be used for light therapy, it needs to be ascertained whether this method of blue-light administration is effective in inducing a clock shift and changing your sleep-wake cycle. 

We are currently working hard to recruit 12 participants who suffer from social jetlag (going to bed and waking later on weekends compared to weekdays) and would like to get up earlier in the morning. To participate, you must be willing to wear a Garmin wearable day and night for 4 weeks and use light-emitting glasses for two 5-day periods. Additionally, you need to be willing to stay at home for four Fridays in the intervention period to take saliva samples and fill in questionnaires on your sleep quality and mood. In the saliva samples we will analyse your melatonin rhythm. As compensation for your participation you will receive GoAYO glasses in the worth of 250€. Additionally, if you follow all the instructions properly and submit a full dataset, you will receive a bonus payment of 80€. 

If you are interested, send an email to lichtstudie@chronoatwork.com or sign up via https://forms.gle/JPokPtqxXoqJKhLZA. You will then receive more information, the consent form, and a link to the selection questionnaire.