We have expertise in giving lectures and running workshops in the field of human chronobiology; the regulation of 24h rhythms and sleep and their role in health and diseases, for a highly variable audience. We organise tailor made lectures, workshops or courses on sleep in a healthy lifestyle, sleep in a 24/7 working environment, chronobiology, sleep medicine, chronotherapy (wake therapy, light therapy and the use of melatonin for mood- and sleep disorders), shift-work disorder, and related areas. On your request we are able to teach on location, at our address or through e-learning.

  • We are trained and we have the expertise to speak to a broad audience.
  • We give workshops for employees in small, medium and large companies.
  • We give lectures at the academic and post-academic level.

Workshop for shift-work companies

Workshop ‘Fitter through the night’ for personnel in a shift work company

Workshop for health care professionals

Workshop ‘Chronotherapy for affective disorders’ during the Spring conference of the Dutch Society for Psychiatry

Postacademic international lectures on Sleep Medicine

International Sleep Medicine Course; annual plenary lecture on Circadian Rhythms and workshops on ‘Chronotherapy, light and melatonin treatment in practice’

Postacademic national lectures on Sleep Medicine

Slaapcursus der Lage Landen; bi-annual plenary lecture in Dutch on ‘Slaap-waak ritme stoornissen.’

Public lectures

Lectures on ‘Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorder’, ‘The regulation and function of melatonin in humans’, ‘The role of sleep and time-of-day in sport performance’, ‘Chronobiotics’, ‘Chrononutrition’, ‘Light therapy to support a sleep-phase advancing protocol’, ‘Powernaps to lighten up night-shift work’, ‘Light and sleep in the elderly’, ‘Healthy aging’, ‘Development of sleep-wake rhythms in children and adolescents; its role in learning and memory’, ‘Dreams and nightmares’.

Public lectures for children

Lecture “Slaap je Slim” for Dutch children with basic knowledge on sleep regulation, the role of light and darkness and sleep hygiene to improve sleep-wake rhythms.

Graduate and undergraduate lectures and workshops

Master course Animal & Human experimentation; design, practice and ethics.

Sleep regulation and sleep disorders

Human chronobiology