We support public authorities, health professionals, small- medium and large enterprises, and scientists in offering our scientific knowledge, and training- and research expertise in the fields of 24h rhythms, sleep, shift work and health.

University of Groningen
  • Science – Support in scientific projects
  • Education – Support in bachelor and master education
  • Education – Development of e-learning module Animal & Human experimentation – On demand
  • Dynamic light in 24/7 control rooms
  • Dynamic light for demented elderly
  • Non-image forming effects of light during night work
Wave medical
  • Advice Motionwatches
Light and Health Research Foundation SOLG
  • Website scientific text writing in progress
Philips Consumer Lifestyle – Drachten
  • Senior Clinical Scientist – consultant VitaLight
  • Scientific library writing EnergyLight app
Philips Research – Eindhoven
  • Biomarker analysis – melatonin
Roenneberg Lab – Institute of Medical Psychology Munich
  • Biomarker analysis – melatonin
Nederlandse Aardoliemaatschappij – Assen
  • Support in project ‘Sleep and fatigue offshore. Objective and subjective measurements’
Medisch Centrum Haaglanden – Slaapkliniek
  • Biomarker analysis – melatonin
Slaapcentrum voor Psychiatrie Assen, GGZ Drenthe
  • Biomarker analysis – melatonin
  • Develop educational material “Sleep” for high school students
Ambulancezorg Nederland
  • Workshops on irregular working shifts and health
FluxPlus Healthy Lighting
  • Chronotype
  • Sleep-wake analysis
  • Advice