We have scientific knowledge in the field of chronobiology; the regulation of 24h rhythms and sleep, and their role in safety, health and diseases. Taking notice of time, both the time of day and the internal time of a person’s endogenous biological clock is an essential part of optimising daily life around the 24h day and clinical treatment.

We are able to give scientifically-based advice on the use of light and darkness, chronotherapy, sleep hygiene and optimal meal timing to improve alertness, safety and security, performance, sleep and mood, in the context of daytime working environments, shift work, jet lag, treatment of sleep- and mood disorders, healthy ageing, and school performance.

  • Small, medium and large enterprises
  • Scientists
  • Medical institutes, medical specialists
  • Life style and personal coaches, dieticians etc.
  • Senior clinical scientist “light therapy” for Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V.
  • Advice report on the use of LED light in night shift workers
  • Support in grant applications