Last weekend Daylight saving time 2018 ended and Europe went back to Central European Time. In a short movie commissioned by the University of Groningen, Marijke Gordijn explained once more why for us, in the Netherlands, the current time we have in winter is the most optimal choice. In fact, The Netherlands should even be in West European Time, or Greenwich time, as should be Belgium, France and Spain. An explanation of the time zones and why we have to choose winter time is also explained in its own way by Arjen Lubach in Zondag with Lubach of 28 October. It seems that Europe needs a bit more time to come to a decision. We think it is wise to not hasten the procedure, but to weigh all arguments to come to a balanced conclusion. In our view, and that of all chronobiologists and sleep researchers, early morning light and Taking Notice of Time, the credo of Chrono@Work, are the most important factors for a good quality of sleep and as a result long term health.