On November 7th, NTR presented a documentary FOCUS on the health risks of working at night and discusses possible solutions. In accordance with the reports of the Dutch Health Council 2015 and 2017, the most important point is to avoid working at night as much as possible. Roelof Hut from the University of Groningen and Marijke Gordijn of Chrono@Work explain why working at night is working against our clock and what could possibly be done to improve life of nightworkers. The most important point is to consider whether working at night is really necessary; in some cases it is, like in hospitals and for safety reasons. But in other cases it isn’t. Marijke Gordijn concludes that society should take its responsibility in not supporting webshops to deliver packages over 1 night. For this service, night work is unavoidable which means that because we want our package to be delivered next day we harm peoples health. Solutions like a power nap at night, taking care what to eat, making use of light or filter the light, and personalize shift work schedules are being used in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. It is a good first step to try to improve life of our night workers.