Can we bring in a bit of sunshine?
After 2 successful rounds of the Light Study last summer and winter, we have decided to extend the study into near-infrared light one more time to the coming winter period. This is the first-ever long-term study into the effects of pulsed near-infrared (NIR) light on human well-being and health. The research is sponsored by Seaborough and is in collaboration with the Department of Chronobiology of the University of Groningen. The protocol is a clinical trial (NCT NL8800) in which we will investigate the effects of long-term exposure to near infrared (NIR) on humans. This part of the light spectrum occurs in sunlight, but is absent in indoor artificial light.
We are currently looking for 20 healthy participants who are sleep deprived and willing to test the effect of these ‘sunlight-like’ exposures of NIR for 4 weeks. We will investigate the effects on mood, well-being, mental performance, sleep quality and the immune system. Among many other devices and measurements, you will also receive a Fitbit to measure the effects. Afterwards and after submitting all data, you may keep the Fitbit or you will receive a compensation of (or supplement up to) 600 euros. When submitting complete datasets, where all instructions have been followed properly, you will receive a bonus payment. If you live near Groningen or Amsterdam (max 30 minutes travel distance) and are interested in participating, please send an email to The data collection runs between November 5 and December 17, 2021, so be quick! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can be scheduled. You will receive more information, a consent form and a link to selection questionnaires on request.

A summary of the research can be found here PBM – info voor deelnemers – nov-dec