Chrono@Work wrote an informative article in the journal of “Longkruid” of the Dutch Society for Pulmonary Function Analysts. Breathing and sleep are two essential elements of our daily life that, if everything is working correctly, we barely notice. But if something goes wrong, it has a great impact on our daily lives, our work and our health. That is not surprising: we are breathing 24h a day.

Also sleep happens on a daily basis, averaging 1/3 of our lifetime. In other words, when we reach 30 years it is estimated that we have already breathed about 150 million times and that we have slept for 10 out of those 30 years. If one or both processes is disrupted, this will clearly have a major impact on our lives.

This article provides insight into how sleep and wakefulness are regulated and what impact light and darkness have thereon. The right light at the right time as well as darkness at the right time are important factors for healthy sleep. (members only)