We sleep more than one third of our lives. And that’s for a reason: sleep is important for our everyday functioning. If you sleep badly, you have less energy and you can hardly concentrate. There are many ways to learn to sleep better. The Dutch Brain Foundation and Chrono@Work have asked Grendel Games to develop a game that teaches students between the ages of 11 and 14 about sleep. At the beginning of 2017, Chrono@Work and Grendel-games started and in the last few months we have not been sleeping, but we have been working very hard in developing this game! The work is in progress and the first impressions are good….

Many young people take their smartphone everywhere. They literally wake up with it and they are still using it once they lay in bed again. That is unfavorable for the quality and duration of their sleep. Staying active by the interaction, in addition to the smartphone’s light, affects the brain. It gives the brain the signal that it is still daytime and therefore the brain will delay sleep induction.. As a result, it takes longer to fall asleep. And this results in too little sleep, which means less energy during the day and less concentration.


Course on healthy sleeping

Talking about sleep can be sleep-inducing for our target audience. Therefore we decided to tackle the problem of healthy sleeping in a different manner. Chrono@Work is developing a series of teaching materials in collaboration with the Dutch Brain Foundation. It is a course on healthy sleeping called Charge Your Brainzzz, for students of ages 11 to 14. It contains for example animations and a game. The course is meant to raise awareness of the importance of healthy sleeping induce a change in sleeping behavior in middle school students.

Previously a press release has been send out on the development of Charge Your Brainzzz. Click here to read the message (in Dutch).


Game launch

The game and the complete course will be expected at the end of 2017. More information on the story and gameplay will follow.



Grendel Games (http://www.grendel-games.com/?lang=en) together with experts from Chrono@Work are developing the game. The Dutch Brain Foundation is our sponsor and they will be responsible for bringing the course to the market. Uitleganimatie.nl is our partner for creating the animations.