“We appear to sleep less and less. But too little sleep is bad for you: your focus, your memory, your digestion, your mood all suffer. Personally, I never sleep more than 5 hours a night. Prefferably, I would not sleep at all. What would 50 hours of sleep deprivation do to me?”

During the episode of Katja’s Bodyscan on March 12th Katja undergoes an experiment lasting 50 hours. Can she still function after such a large sleep deprivation? Dr. Marijke Gordijn is a chrono-biologist that takes a look at Katja’s agenda and melatonin level. Do her social and biological clock run in synchrony? Katja also visits sleep expert Eus van Someren.

While Katja’s experiment progresses, she meets 29- year old Eva. She is suffering from narcolepsy. Using heavy drugs, like GHB, she prevents just falling asleep several time a day. 40- year old Sascha on the other hand has barely been sleeping the past 10 years; she’s suffering from insomnia. On a balance beam, above a freezing cold pool, Katja soon discovers how sleep deprivation is detrimental for her balance and memory. She has to face her largest fear to find out what adrenaline can do with her body and mind.

Bron: www.kro-ncrv.nl/katjasbodyscan/seizoenen/2015/30-137024-12-03-2015