Chronotherapeutic interventions

Marijke Gordijn of Chrono@Work co-authored a Dutch paper on Chronotherapeutic interventions in Psychiatry. She wrote this paper together with 3 colleagues with whom she also started Chronotherapy Network Netherlands ( The paper was published in the continuing education journal Psyfar. Since 2006, Psyfar focusses on educating and testing psychiatrists, hospital pharmacists, geriatrics specialists, nurse practitioners GGZ, and others who describe psychopharmaca, for example general practitioners.

Increasing attention is being paid to the effects of natural day-night rhythms of people in their living environment. Biological, psychological and societal factors play an important role in this. Disruption of these rhythms may lead to various complaints including sleep problems and depression. Influencing the biological rhythms by means of chronotherapy (e.g. waking therapy, light therapy and social rhythm therapy) appear to be an efficient way of treatment. These therapeutic interventions are discussed in this article published in Psyfar. (members of Psyfar only)