Chrono@Work will be present at several symposia, classes and congresses in the upcoming period. Please have a look and subscribe if you are interested in the topic.

16th April 20:00h in Leeuwarden: Studium Generale Het Einde van de Zomertijd en Dan?

18th April whole day in Zeist: Medilex symposium on ‘Slaapproblemen en -stoornissen bij mensen met een verstandelijke beperking’, our presentation: Slapen in de zorg – hoe slapen zij en hoe slaap jij?

14th Juni whole day (in English) at Kempenhaeghe in Heeze; international clinical symposium, parallel session on sleep (NSWO & BASS) and in the main session our presentation: On the biological clock – from the Nobel prize to daily practice

20-22nd June Chicago SLTBR congress in CME course on the topic Shift work and chronotype; health consequences of circadian misalignment

17th September whole day Psyfar Themadag slaapstoornissen with our presentation Slaap-waak regulatie van normaal tot ritmestoornissen en de rol van melatonine, more information will follow

19th September afternoon/evening in Amersfoort Orthica Health Science congress with our presentation at 14:00h Zin en onzin van melatoninegebruik