Chrono@Work published a paper on the role of the biological clock in safety and health in the Dutch journal for health and safety officers: Safety! magazine. In this paper, we explain why we perform so badly during the night and how we can keep our biological clock in synch with the natural rhythm of light and darkness. Living in synch is important for a good sleep quality and long term health. This chronobiological knowledge is especially important when it comes to the decision what would be the optimal choice for our social clock. Together with Marco Langbroek, Marijke Gordijn explains the background of timezones, how the Netherlands decided to stick to Berlin time after Worldwar II, and the reasons why, with respect to safety and health, the optimal choice would be to choose for Greenwhich time if we quit DST. Safety! magazine is a journal for professional health and safety officers. With approval of the publisher, the article can be found here (in Dutch): Gordijn & Langbroek 2018_Safety Magazine_ Biologische klok speelt grote rol veiligheid en gezondheid