Chrono@Work B.V. Groningen is the first company this year to receive a grant of € 25,000 of SNN. The innovation grant for the Groningen company is intended for research into the feasibility of a sensor system that teaches poor sleepers to sleep according to their biological clock. Read more on the site of SNN.

With Enablemi as intermediary, a grant proposal was written in which the feasibility study is described. Together with experts of the Chronobiology group of the Gelifes institute of the University of Groningen and of Next Phase we will specify the details of a tool to help people to improve sleep quality. Recent data show that although most Dutch citizens seem  to sleep long enough, about 1 out of 4 complain of bad sleep quality (Hersenstichting). A good sleep quality is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and longterm health. We accept the challenge to help people sleep better, so work to do!