In their issue No. 19 of 23 August – 6 september, Computer Idee, a magazine about computers and electronics for consumers, pays detailed attention to the pros and cons of blue light filters for computers, tablets and smartphones. The conclusion is that we are exposed to more blue light through the use of electronic screens in the evening and night than usual. This blue light makes us less sleepy and thus we delay our sleep. The filters do their job by filtering out the blue light. However, there has not been any scientific research conducted in which it is tested whether the use of filters actually makes us go to bed earlier.

The use of smart phones and computers may also have other alertness enhancement effects: we are after all being actively busy. For this report Computer Idee conducted a literature review and interviewed several experts including Marijke Gordijn CEO of Chrono@Work. A blue light filter for the PC can be downloaded from Here you will also find good information about the amount of blue light present in different types of lamps.